Liverpool Roller Birds fundraiser – Elvira’s Theatre of Varieties

Join us for a variety night full of surprises and help raise funds for the Liverpool Roller Birds! Enter Rhonda-Elvira’s Theatre of Varieties and enjoy special guests including singers and comedy acts – and it’s all FREE!
There’ll be delicious cakes and an amazing prize raffle, with a top prize of a table for you and your friends to see a live burlesque show at Liverpool’s new premier burlesque venue ‘Moniques’. Raffle tickets can be bought on the night, or in advance from one of our lovely roller girls.

Other raffle prizes include: goody bags from ‘Nice and Naughty’, a full make-over including lashes from Rouge Beauty, a night with local band ‘Half Cut Harry’- you will watch the gig and get to hang out with the boys after as their personal guest, a place for you and a friend at a U-Pole party, plus 10% off vouchers for ‘Nice and Naughty’ for all who attend the evening.

We understand that this is a difficult time for people, especially those devastated by the recent tragedies in Japan. Therefore, we are also raising funds to send to Japan and help aid recovery over there. Every little helps…
Event details
When: Thursday 14 April, 8pm
Where: Cuffs Bar, Wavetree High Street, Liverpool
How much: It’s free entry!
Tell us you’re coming on our fundraiser event page on Facebook – it’d be great to hear from you.

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