A sneaky little sneak preview of things to come!


Oh, dear LRB fans. If you only knew what amazing fun we have in store for you!  November is packed full of events that will appeal to the ghoulish, the gothic, the devilish, and even the romantic in you. And we top it all off with an amazing bout, the last of 2013. None of this is to be missed.

First on the agenda is the Halloween Apocalypse party to be held on Saturday, November 2nd.  This is a cheeky little get together. Imagine the most fun Halloween party you attended as a child,  and fast-forward it to partying, grown up style!  Hosted by LRB’s own Zombie Squad Movie Club, there will be scary film screenings. disgusting if delicious treats to eat, and more stage makeup  than a London production of Phantom of the Opera.  The bonus of a Zombie Belly Dancer might just be too much! The Pilgrim Pub is always a great venue, and best of all, this is a FREE event.

zombie movie club

While you’re enjoying all the monstrosities at the Halloween Apocalypse party, you can get the inside scoop of the other big events in November.  The next one we are extremely excited about, because it is one of the biggest events we’ve planned to date, and involves multiple local acts!  The TWISTED CABARET, our most ambitious fundraising event so far, is sure to have a bit of something for everyone.  This will be held at Mello Mello‘s  on Saturday, November 16th.  Keep an eye on the blog because we will have sneaky spotlight posts throughout the coming month to tell you all about the acts and entertainment that will be featured.  We really cannot express how exciting this evening will be for all of us.

But most exciting of everything, especially for LRB fans, is  – BOUT DAY!  That’s right, Liverpool Roller Birds will be having our last home bout of the season on Saturday the 23rd of November at 2 pm!  The theme for this bout is Skate of the Dead and will be held at our regular venue, Greenbank Sports Academy.   The Liverpool Roller Chicks will be bringing all their skully goodness to bear against the Sheffield Steel Roller Girls Crucibelles, while the Liverpool Roller Birds (A) will be facing the Plymouth City Roller Girls.  Epic facepaint, amazing boutfits, and most importantly excellent roller derby will be your treat.  The Day of the Dead theme marries the romantic and the macabre – sounds perfect to us.

THIS JUST IN:  Buy  tickets to the Twisted Cabaret and the Skate of the Dead together and receive a discount!

Buy Twisted Cabaret tickets (or cabaret + bout ticket) here

Buy Skate of the Dead tickets (or bout + cabaret ticket) here


Skate of the dead image


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