Northern Sur5al 2!

We’re still coming down off the high of watching a great tournament, and for five of our Amazing Birds, participating in it! Northern Sur5al’s second annual tournament took place this weekend at the All New Thunderdome, hosted by Rainy City Roller Girls, in Oldham. Ten amazing teams from all over the northwest met up, with five of their toughest skaters each, ready to battle it out for top spots.

Liverpool Roller Birds played in Northern Sur5al last year, coming in a respectable second to Rainy City Roller Girls, the wonderful hosts.  Our 5-woman team prepared hard for this tournament, hoping to repeat that success.

The ten teams met up in tournament style, in 9 different heats, and played two minute jams.  1 point was given for the team that took lead jammer, and 5 points went to the team that won the jam. At the end of the first few heats, the scoreboard read thus:



LRB were feeling quite pleased with this! Of course, the opponents we faced got continuously more determined as the day went along.  LRB’s cheering section was wild with excitement, and – as is the case when you watch roller derby – found ourselves cheering not only for our own skaters, but for all the amazing talent represented on track that day.  Every single team we played against gave battering and bruising, like for like, and we felt the impact of each one! Bring on all of the derby kisses!

There were a lot of favorite moments of the day.  For instance, when Glasgow Roller derby fought back valiantly, led by the amazing SuffraJett (who earned quite a few new derby crushers!).


Photo courtesy of Darren Crompton Photography

We loved Wirral Whipiteres amazing jam against Rainy City, which was edge of your seat exciting, even in its low points scoring (DEFENSE!).


Photo courtesy of Darren Crompton photography

But the amazingest part of the day was the Furness Firecrackers, who were truly on fire in every jam, and definitely earned that first place finish.



Photo courtesy of Darren Crompton Photography


And our Roller Birds managed to do a respectable second place finish, which much more than we’d hoped for! Hoorah, Liverpool Roller Birds! You make us proud every day.




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