LIVE ROLLER DERBY: Liverpool B vs. Wirral and Liverpool A vs. London Batter C Power!




This is the must see derby event of the year in the Northwest!

This is the must see derby event of the year in the Northwest!


Only a few days to go, and we’re counting the hours.  Liverpool Roller Birds have a home double header against two amazing teams.

The first bout will be the Liverpool Roller Chicks (B) facing off against our neighbors and chummy rivals, the Wirral Whipiteres Savage Lillies (A)! These two teams have faced off in the past, to mixed results.  Being located so close together, the crowd is sure to be pumped up with fans of both teams in high attendance, and we expect the cheering to raise  the roof of Greenbank Sports Academy as a result.  This is an exciting match up we have been looking forward to all season, and all I can say is MAKE SURE YOU”RE THERE!


The second bout is incredibly exciting as well, with London’s fabulous Batter “C” Power (C)  facing off against Liverpool Roller Birds (A).  We’re incredibly excited to be hosting London, and the challenge of this bout has got all of our bashy anticipation flowing.  The skills on display during this bout will be a joy to watch, on both sides, and we imagine we will be hoarse come Sunday morning.

Just look at that poster. This sport is so dynamic and exciting.  If you have been to our bouts before, and you have your favourites, come CHEER THEM ON! If you have not been to a roller derby bout before, come see what all the excitement is about.  Plus, there will be cakes and pies and music and announcing and zebras and contests and raffles and prizes!

And believe you me, it is  ALL  exciting.  Hang on to the edge of your (suicide) seats, it’s going to be a wild ride!  Buy your tickets here.

Skate Hard, Hit Harder,

— Cali


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